I work as freelance designer for events, meetings, conferences, brainstorming session, books, magazines and big surfaces in the field of Graphic facilitation and Graphic recording, skills that can help you raise and boost creativity and productivity in your work. Graphic facilitators do that by recording your events and meetings and facilitating workshops, transcribing the information in a visual manner, managing space and flow in the perfect container of collective intelligence, while making participants solve problems and cooperate to create innovations. Design Thinking is in fact also used to create team works, adopting design process approach to generate ideas and improve the solutions emerged: collaboration is the key word, teaching and learning at the same time, making sure that no idea gets lost by synthesizing informations using the technical skills of scribing and illustration.

graphic facilitation

Graphic facilitation is an interactive visualization process, where questions are asked and feedback are given, is a dynamic methodology used in order to flesh out out an idea, develop a product, or map out a project: it’s also well suited for brainstorming sessions, meetings, and business development processes.

graphic recording

Graphic Recording or scribing captures people’s ideas and expressions in words, images and color as they are being spoken in the moment, it takes place on a big surface synthesizing the essential content. Scribing works for everyone, delivering an extra and essential visual benefits to Businesses and organizations visualizing the values and the ideas of the whole team, creating a visual record of the events and focusing on the main content.


design thinking

Design Thinking is a model of company management, particularly suitable for handling complex business problems: it provides the entrepreneur/manager a useful resource that simplifies the making of crucial decisions related to business organization. Its main goal is to identify innovative solutions to a problem, by knowing the context and the user and by meeting three key criteria: appreciation, doability and economic sustainability. 


Sketchnoting is the art of visualizing notes -such as drawings, lettering, icons and connectors- on a notebook, organizing the space in order to remember, create, plan: it’s a very useful tool for the management of daily activities. It’s also used for visualizing talks, presentations, brainstorming session and meetings, especially the ones in smaller venues.